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Jessica Khoury was phenomenal

I've been hosting authors for nearly a decade, and with each author visit comes a brand new experience for me and my students. This past Friday, we had the distinct pleasure of spending the day with Jessica Khoury, author of Origin.

Jessica Khoury's book is incredible. We had 130 kids purchase a copy and read Origin before her arrival. The students could barely contain themselves in the days and weeks leading up to the visit. Jessica Khoury was gracious enough to go to dinner with three of our students the night before. Day of the event, she spent time with students in Writer's Workshop, discussing writing and publishing.

She spent the rest of the afternoon talking about her book to all of the kids who read Origin and answered any and all questions they had. She signed each book and took photos with all who wanted one.

It was a great day for our kids as they continue to read YA literature and meet the authors who write YA books.

I know that Jessica Khoury has touched many lives and has fans for life.

Thanks, Jessica!

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