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                                      Book One

                              Gods of War





Hiya, I'm Alex. I'm sure you're probably thinking that I'm some sort of superhero, aren't you?  Admit it. Just because I saved the world you think I must be crazy powerful. I'm going to stop you right there. I'm far from a superhero. I'm just a normal kid like you. Okay, maybe not exactly normal. Maybe not even like you. I am a little bit different. I'm not all that popular because I move a lot, so I do really stupid things to try to fit in. It NEVER works.


Rifters is my story about how one such incident kept me from going back to the principal's office. I went back in the past to help Achilles and Odysseus. Seriously! I'm not even lying. It happened. Trojan Horse and all!


If you want to read my story, click on the cover Dennis put together and give it a look.  I know you're going to love it. Maybe you can even go on my next adventure wtih me.



      MUGGLES CAN MAKE MAGIC TOO--Turning non-readers into readers and writers

Publisher's Weekly--SCBWI Conference 2012

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RIFTERS is an action-packed exploration of the Trojan War that will leave readers clamoring for more…If you loved THE INFINITY RING, this is for you.

Justin Jones--Author of Rippers

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