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Noah Knows NOs!


Noah Reed Scroggins is tired of adults always telling him NO, so he tries to build a Yes Machine, which Noah calls the Mind Changer. Unfortunately for him he fails. Lucky for him, his cooky grandpa has one from when he was a kid and he gives it to Noah.


Grandpa tells Noah to use it wisely, which of course is impossible for a 6th grade boy. In fact, he plans to use it to make sure he gets the best circus birthday party ever, with cotton candy, clowns, and lions. It isn't until he and his sister receive some life-changing news that he reveals his true purpose for wanting the Mind Changer.


Ultimately, it's a hilarious book for 9-12 year olds who are tired of being told No by everyone in their lives and finally having the power to make adults say Yes, even when it's not in their best interest.



Worm Rodeo


Axl's dad vanished from the face of the Earth. His mother told him that he left the family behind, but Axl didn't believe his father would leave the family behind. After searching his dad's lab for months to discover where his dad could have gone, Axl stumbles across the one item that will either kill him or put him on the path to finding his father.


Once Axl finds the portal his dad jumped through, he mistakenly screws it up, sending him through a wormhole to a parallel universe.


This simple mistake causes Axl and his friends to continue a seemingly endless journey through multiple wormholes. Each one will get Axl closer to his father.

Young Adult



Rebecca Cutts is getting ready to finish her senior year and head off to college when she finds herself in the fight of her life.


She barely escapes after a crazed lunatic kills her boyfriend. The only problem is that there is no evidence of a killer, only the dead body of the star quarterback. After her arrest, Cutts is forced to escape from the small-town jail in order to hunt down the killer and prove her innocence. Unfotunately for her, the killer is still searching for her to finish the job he started.


When Rebecca Cutts puts all the pieces together, she's blown away to find out why she was targeted in the first place.


This gritty, thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat as you hide in the shadows with Cutts and help her find a killer.


Convicted of a crime she didn't commit, sixteen year old Gracen Andrews is facing twenty-five years behind bars. Soon after meeting her cell mate, a silver-eyed stranger breaks through the prison walls and leads Gracen to freedom. Though she has no idea who this stranger is, she decides it's in her best interest to leave while she has the chance.


It isn't until The Traveler whisks her away in his inter-dimensional space ship that she realizes his reasons for saving her are much greater than she ever imagined.


The Traveler needs Gracen to help him save his own world from destruction, while in the process helping her clear her own name.


The only problem for them both is they only have three days to get it all done.

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