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Hey y'all,

I'm Dennis, and I write books for children. From middle school to high school, kids and teens.


Take some time and look around at everything. Feel free to peek behind the curtain and rummage through the closets. I won't mind. Mostly, because I won't know about it.


In the meantime, you'll want to cheer for Dusty Slaughter as he discovers what friendship, courage, love, and triumph truly mean. Through difficulty and pain, Dusty Slaughter is an underdog worthy of your applause. His tragedy becomes his salvation.



Seventeen-year-old Dusty Slaughter is a poor kid who has been fighting uphill his entire life. With his daddy in prison and a mama that’s pretty much no good either, Slaughter is stuck in nowhere, North Carolina and knows that as the number one running back in the region football is his only chance to escape. When given the chance to impress scouts from the University of North Carolina, he rises to the challenge. But once he gets back home to Flatbush, Dusty finds the world he knows has collapsed around him.


Life has never been kind to Slaughter, but now he is in for the worst year of his life. His family is in turmoil, his relationship with his girlfriend is tenuous at best, and his dreams seem to be vanishing all around him. His greatest fear is failure, because he knows that it means he'll have to go to work at the local factory just like everybody else in his town who ever dreamed of escape. It isn't until tragedy strikes and he meets Anderson and Collins Thacker that he realizes there is more to life than football. That there is more to him than he ever dreamed possible.


Collins and Andy show Slaughter that there is so much more in life if he’s willing to find a new path and another dream. Through adversity, Slaughter discovers a talent within himself that he never knew existed, and it’s this epiphany that becomes the catalyst he needs to do whatever it takes to make Andy proud of him and keep Collins forever.


      MUGGLES CAN MAKE MAGIC TOO--Turning non-readers into readers and writers

Publisher's Weekly--SCBWI Conference 2012

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